Facebook and Twitter Tips

Posted on : Jun 22 2012

I get asked by a lot by small businesses and not for profits about how I find running social media pages – my answer of course is I love it and think every business or project can find their place in social media.

The first thing I say is policy, strategy, education and training are key, and that can open up a lengthy discussion – but not a scarey one. Just a conversation that needs to be had if you are going to start posting away. Once we have that vital piece discussed and an action plan drawn up, there is then a surge of “how do you” questions.

Here is a presentation that gives a gentle intro into the world of Twitter and Facebook, that might just enlighten you on a few.


On an iPad or iPhone – sorry the presentation won’t work direct from our site because Flash is used, but all is not lost, visit our Social Media Introduction direct on Prezi- and view it there. Phew!

Contact us if you would like to discuss Social Media for your business further, or if you would like to book Lynsey to come and gives this brief presentation to your team – always followed by a Q&A session!   Happy posting   Lynsey


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