Project Management

Managing Outcomes

Our project management skills are utilised in every aspect of work we undertake. Our ability to do this well is what ensures our clients not only get the results they want but a service which ensures they don’t need to manage us, but can instead focus on their core business. Progressive Content has recently developed a 5 part-training program for headspace Hobart over a 5 month period, called How’s your headspace. The program delivers information and skill based training to young people about managing their mental health and wellbeing within a school environment. Working from research, stakeholder analysis, content development and design, Progressive Content delivered a product that exceeded the clients expectations and is now being used as apart of their daily business. A current project is TINO:YH 2012. Progressive Content, on behalf of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation, is coordinating their major annual fundraising campaign being held nationally during November 2012. This involves marketing, volunteer liaisons, promotional material design, event coordination and public relations. If you have a project you need undertaken, but don’t have the capacity in house, contact us today and find out how we can assist you.