A Solution Shared

Posted on : Aug 24 2012

Progressive Content have just launched a new carers website for a community based website A Solution Shared.

Here is what the family who started the website had to say about it.

From the point of diagnosis through to settling back to ‘life as normal’, carers navigate a range of challenges and logistics that arise when a  loved one becomes unwell, from relocating for treatment, managing the bills to adapting to hospital life. It is often from talking to other carers and families that carers find useful information, inspiration and ideas that help them find their way through. “The leaflets and booklets are great but sometimes hearing someone else say I ” found accommodation”, or “when the kids were struggling we tried this”  was so valuable.” said Lynsey
“carers have an amazing wealth of insight, tips and solutions to managing the logistic of caring for a loved one” Said Jason “We benefited from this often and we thought imagine if there was a way of passing this on to other individuals and families who, sometimes over night, find themselves in the role of being a carer.”

So in August they launched a community created website, www.asolutionshared.com.au to make that possible.

A Solution Shared, which is not a treatment based website but instead focuses on the logistics of being a carer, covers a range of topics from managing work, explaining to children, getting respite, hospital life to managing the bills. There is even a section for family and friends to say how they have helped out. To get the website in full swing, Lynsey and Jason are keen for exisiting carers to get online and share their tips and tricks to help others through.

“The stories don’t have to be long, sometimes just a few lines about how you managed a challenge can make a great difference to a new carer, knowing that they are not alone and there are ways through” Said Jason.

Visit the website a www.asolutionshared.com.au or connected up via facebook on www.facebook.com/asolutionshared


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